About the Center for Bioinformatics

The UNC-CH Center for BioInformatics has been established to promote the use of computational tools for molecular biology, genetics, protein chemistry, and biochemistry research at the University of North Carolina .

The center has significantly contributed to selecting and providing computational programs, through Information Technology Services (ITS), such as GCG, SYBYL and Insight II/Discover. As a bioinformatics analysis resource, the UNC-CH Center for BioInformatics has established a "help desk" that assists University researchers on the use of computers (PC, Macintosh, UNIX), and bioinformatics tools as well as providing expert analysis on database searching, phylogenetics, protein structure prediction, sequence analysis and molecular modeling.

In addition, the center continues to evaluate bioinformatics programs that will be made available to the entire campus. Since establishing the UNC-CH Center for BioInformatics, UNC-CH faculty, staff and students have participated in bioinformatics workshops designed and instructed by the center. In addition, the center has assisted countless numbers of researchers by providing data analysis/interpretation for research publications and grant applications while also maximizing computational resources by providing time and money saving solutions to enhance UNC-CH researchers' productivity.

This website was developed to provide information on the use of bioinformatics programs, links to informative websites, and tutorials.