Vector NTI and Vector NTI Express

UNC-Chapel Hill has obtained and installed a site-wide dynamic license for Vector NTI that is available only to UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina State, and East Carolina faculty, students and staff.

  • Downloading and Installing Vector NTI and Vector NTI Express
  • Connecting with the Dynamic License Server
  • Vector NTI FAQ
  • The modules that make up the Vector NTI system support annotation, assembly, blast searching, translation, primer design, in silico cloning, and a number of other common tools. The graphical interface, image quality, and ease of information import and export from the Vector NTI system are very user friendly.

    Vector NTI Advance includes the following programs:

    • Vector NTI - for sequence analysis and data management
    • Align X - for generation of multiple sequence alignments of proteins and nucleic acids
    • ContigExpress - for editing and assembly of sequence chromatograms
    • GenomBench - for viewing genome scale data located on distributed annotation server (DAS) systems
    • BioAnnotator - for physicochemical analyses of nucleic acid and protein sequences
    • Explorer Database – data management and storage

    Video Tutorials of many Vector NTI functions are available to individuals internal to UNC (login with your ONYEN/password).