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The dynamic license server for Vector NTI will function with Vector NTI Suite for PC (v. 10.x or 11.x) and Vector NTI Express (for PC and Mac). Access to this license is restricted to faculty/staff/post-doc/students of UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, and East Carolina University due to licensing restrictions.

You must request a license through the Center for Bioinformatics by contacting Hemant Kelkar ( Please use your University email address for sending the request. We will not entertain requests sent from non-academic email addresses.

Once you have obtained the dynamic license URL you need to type or paste this into the Vector NTI Suite or Vector NTI Express License Manager.

For Vector NTI Suite (PC) go to Start –> All Programs –> Invitrogen –> Vector NTI Advance 10 (or 11) –> License Manager”.

For Vector NTI Express (PC) go to “Start –> All Programs –> Life Technologies –> Vector NTI Express to start the program”. Then click on “Help –> License Manager.

NOTE: An active internet connection is required at all times for the dynamic license to function while you are using the programs.


For a new application of the dynamic license, all the above boxes should say “Demo mode”, change them via the drop down menu to the above settings. Click on the “Dynamic” button and the next page will show up.


Type or paste the URL you received from us into the box entitled “URL of DLS”.

Test the Connection, you should get a message saying the connection is “OK”. Select Apply to close this window then close the next window. The next time you open up either Vector NTI or the Explorer Database, you should see a blinking green check mark in the lower right hand corner. This signifies that you are connected to our license server. The dynamic license differs from the static license in that you must maintain an internet connection to have access to Vector NTI. If you do not have internet access the software will go back into Demo mode (you will see a red X in the lower right hand corner) until a connection is re-established. This will not affect your data in the database, being in Demo mode will simply deny access to your molecules and most of functions in Vector NTI.

Connecting to the Vector NTI License Server “off-campus”.

The connection to our new License Server has been updated to require a campus IP address, therefore if you try to connect at home you will find yourself in Demo mode. The way around this is to install the VPN Client on your machine with Vector NTI installed. If you connect to the internet with the VPN Client when you are not on campus you will have access to the License Server. The current setup of the VPN Client at North Carolina State does not allow a connection to our license server so NCSU users are not currently able to use the Vector NTI dynamic license off-campus. If this changes we will let users know.

The VPN Client is available for two campuses (UNC-CH and ECU) at the following websites:

UNC Chapel Hill

East Carolina University


Please check institution specific guidelines for VPN Client installation. You will need to contact local desktop IT support for help with VPN.

Problems connecting to the Dynamic License Server

VNTI License server is restricted to users at the UNC-CH, NCSU and ECU campuses Connection issues are generally due to local network domain name registration (DNS) problems. Our server is set up to recognize only registered network domains that have been appropriately set up by local IT. Both forward and reverse DNS name lookup has to correctly work. If you have set up the License Manager with the correct URL ( ) and still cannot connect, this may be the cause of the problem.

To determine if this is the issue, you need to check if your IP Address is being recognized by our license server. Alternatively, we can do this for you if you email your IP address to Hemant Kelkar at

Instructions for determining your IP Address on either a PC or a Mac.

While on the computer with the problematic dynamic license connection simply google “What is my IP address”. This will automatically display your IP Address. Please contact Hemant Kelkar with this information for further assistance.