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Importing Multiple Oligos in Vector NTI

Users can import oligo lists into the Vector NTI database using the Oligo Import utility.  The oligo list to be imported must be in one of three file formats for use with this utility:

  • Comma delimited format (.csv)
  • Tab delimited format
  • Semicolon delimited format

Screen Capture


The Oligo Importer utility will recognize three fields from the oligo list file:

  • Oligo Name
  • Oligo Description
  • Oligo Sequence


Screen Capture

There are two steps in the oligo import list process:

Step One – open the file in the oligo import utility and convert it to a VNTI oligo archive file.

Step Two – import the archive file into the VNTI database.

To import an oligo list file in comma, tab, or semicolon delimited format, launch the Oligo Import utility from START -> PROGRAMS -> INFORMAX 2003 -> VECTOR NTI SUITE 9 -> UTILITIES -> OLIGO IMPORT. This pathway will also apply for version 10. For Macs, the corresponding tool is called the CSV Oligo Files Importer, which can be found from Applications -> VectorNTI -> Tools -> CSV Oligo Files Importer. For Macs, put the file in CSV format using Excel.

The oligo import dialog box will open and direct users to the file of interest.

Screen Capture

Users will need to define NAME, DESCRIPTION, and SEQUENCE and chose the oligos of interest from the file (Not the header). Then import the oligos by hitting the IMPORT button and drag the newly created archive in the Results section above into the Explorer Database.