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DNASTAR v. 15.x installation for macOS


Double click on the installer to start program extraction. It will take a minute or two since this is a large file. If you do not change the default location the program will install in Applications.






At some point during the installation dialog for activation of license will appear. You want to select “Network” option. DNASTAR license server is hosted on “”. You may need to allow DNASTAR to connect to license server depending through local firewall.






Click on “Authorize”. If your computer is successful in contacting the license server then you will see the following dialog indicative of success.




You are now ready to use DNASTAR.


Documentation/Tutorials/Webinars/Videos are available in DNASTAR Navigator (hover over one of the program icons) and also on their website ( à click on the Support link).



  1. A continuous network connection will be required to use DNASTAR.
  2. Off-campus access will require use of UNC-VPN
  3. UNC has ten (10) network licenses for DNASTAR. It is extremely important that you close all DNASTAR windows when you are not ACTIVELY using it.


NOTE: Installation of v.15.x does not remove older versions of DNASTAR. Once you are sure that everything is working correctly in v.15.x you can delete older version folders of DNASTAR /Applications/DNASTAR folder.